Kickoff as a team

Introduce the challenge teams will be working on while setting the stage for trust and collaboration.

Ideate: Get Started
5 mins
15 mins

Kickoff as a team

Introduce the challenge teams will be working on while setting the stage for trust and collaboration.

5 mins
15 mins

What is it

Participants in a Design Jam typically have different experiences and expertise. This tool will help teams leverage this diversity by structuring team introductions. Once the challenge is revealed, it will also help to set expectations and roles within the team.

How to do it

1 Coordinate with the organiser

Gather your team in the designated work space and get a copy of the challenge.

2 Start initial introductions

Kickstart a round of basic introductions. Ask each team member to take a minute each to share their name, work experience and their motivation for joining the Jam.

3 Identify team roles

Introduce and agree on team roles:

  • Facilitator: The one who manages the exercises, watches the time and energises the group when needed
  • Business advocate: The one who will ensure that business issues are considered and that the team is on the right track
  • User advocate: The one who will advocate for the needs of the users
  • Writer: The one who will prepare the content in the final pitch
  • Developer: The one who will prepare the graphics and build the prototype
  • Presentation creator: The one who will coordinate and combine all of the elements of the final pitch

Emphasise that individual team roles can shift throughout the Jam and that prior experience is not essential to fulfilling them. Everyone is encouraged to contribute throughout, so all participants can gain new skills while leveraging their existing capabilities. While those assigned to team roles are responsible for the corresponding tasks, they should always aim to collaborate with others to get these tasks done.

4 Set the tone

Remind the participants that all perspectives and comments are welcome. Explain the importance of getting your point across while listening to other people's opinions. In team discussions, emphasise the importance of turn-taking.

5 Introduce the challenge

Discuss the challenge as a team. If the brief was produced by business stakeholders who are present, ask them to present the challenge.

This tool and any associated downloadable assets are provided under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike CC BY-SA 4.0 International License.

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