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Get feedback from experts

Equip teams with additional ideas and knowledge by soliciting feedback from experts.

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10 mins
15 mins

Get feedback from experts

Equip teams with additional ideas and knowledge by soliciting feedback from experts.

10 mins
15 mins

What is it

Jams on technical topics like digital privacy may need experts to provide teams with comments at the end of the Prototype phase. However, it is important to set guidelines for this process to ensure that feedback is purposeful and empowering. This tool for facilitators will guide experts in giving teams feedback that will help them iterate after the Jam.

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How to do it

1 Brief the experts

Before the feedback session begins, orientate the experts. Tell them to share how teams might improve their designs based on their specific areas of expertise. Go over or share the following guidelines:

  • Listen to everything the team has to say before speaking. This way you won't risk missing something that might have changed your initial thoughts or concerns.
  • Clarify assumptions about the design before commenting. Understand what it is intending to do and the experience it is intending to create for the user.
  • Check to see if the design is meeting user needs and business goals.
  • Be as detailed as possible about what's working and what's not.
  • Avoid expressing emotional reactions; instead, work out what makes you feel that way and build upon it before giving feedback.
  • Always point out what works well. If you don't, teams might miss a great idea or opportunity.
  • Focus on feedback, not criticism. Pose your thoughts as questions to allow the team to express their reasoning behind the design and to prevent them from becoming defensive.
2 Manage the feedback session

Ensure that the experts are listening and taking notes while teams are presenting. At the end of each presentation, prompt at least one expert at a time to provide their feedback and to ask questions. Facilitate the discussion as needed to ensure that all experts are heard.

This tool and any associated downloadable assets are provided under a

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike CC BY-SA 4.0 International License.

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