Brief designers

Designers occupy a central role in a design workshop and it's key to brief them properly to assure a smooth run on the day.

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60 mins
90 mins

Brief designers

Designers occupy a central role in a design workshop and it's key to brief them properly to assure a smooth run on the day.

60 mins
90 mins

What is it

Ahead of any Co-creation session, it's a good idea to brief the designers, or at least the lead designers of that workshop, especially if it's a Design Jam. Designers occupy a key role in a design workshop, not only because they prototype but also because they help steer discussion to answer the challenge and get the team to align and create together.

How to do it

1 Plan a briefing meeting

Two to three weeks ahead of the Jam, send an invite to the designers to meet a week ahead of the workshop.

Prepare a briefing document. You can use the design jam presentation as a reference. It should include: the challenge of day, the type of participants they will be co-creating with, what their role will be, the agenda of the day with an emphasis on the time they will get to co-create and prototype, the templates they will be working from, and the online sharable folder link where they will be to access the design assets.

2 Introduce design jamming to the designers

On the day of the briefing, run through the presentation with the designers and spend time on what your role as a facilitator will be versus what their role as designers will be. While you will be in charge of the entire running of the day, they will be in charge or what happens within their teams: aligning the participants to work within the given time, building digital prototypes and preparing a share-out document. Explain how you'll be on hand to provide support during the day. Spend time looking at the agenda of the day together and point to moments that you believe will be more challenging to them than others.


Show them the templates and assets they will be working from during the day and explain they will be prompted by the facilitator when and how to use them during the day as well (refer to the introduce design jaming tool for more information on this).

Allow time for them to ask all the questions they need and make sure they feel well equipped for the upcoming workshop. Before they go, provide them with a copy of the high level agenda of the day and templates if necessary. Bring additional copies of the agenda on the day of the Jam for those that feel the need to look at what's coming next.

If some of them are running Discovery exercises with you during the day, spend additional time with them after the briefing to walk them through the tools and complete a dry run.

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