TTC Labs - Informed Consent

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Informed consent means giving users easy-to-understand information about data practices, so they can make informed decisions. This Design Jam helps participants explore how to improve Consent practices.

Ahead of the Jam


On the Day of the Jam



Introduce the Design Jam concept to participants and familiarise everyone with design thinking methodologies regardless of their background.


Create ideas

Creating and sharing ideas in a group can be intimidating. Set expectations and establish some rules to make everyone feel comfortable.


📑Make sure the Know Your Business cheet-sheat, Data Use Briefs and Personas you've put together ahead of the Jam are available on each table as go-to documents for the teams.

💡Hit the wall of the day where you've previously gathered the 'How Might We's' sticky notes for inspiration & input.

🎤Once Challenge Statements are ready, take 5 minutes for each team to present their statements and experts to give actionnable feedback in return.

Get Feedback

It can be difficult to know which ideas to move forward with. Let participants share ideas, and use group feedback to choose the best direction forward.


📋 Spend five minutes debriefing with your team to be ready to kick-off prototyping straight after the break.



Your participants will generate a great number of ideas and concepts. Allow each team to present its big idea, and allow participants, stakeholders and experts to give feedback.